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Personal Injury

An injury can leave you with many questions. Will I still be able to work? How will I pay my bills? Who was at fault? Should I give a recorded statement to my insurance company? Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you answer these questions and address any other concerns you may have.

How much money do I need in order to pursue legal action?

Personal injury cases are usually “contingent fee” cases, meaning the lawyer receives his or her payment out of the net settlement of the case if you win. If you lose, in most cases you will not be responsible to pay any attorney fees to your lawyer.

How much time will it take to complete my lawsuit?

It depends. Some cases are settled in as little as six months and others may take a few years. The amount of time will depend on: the length of your medical treatment, the severity of your injury, how many parties are involved, the insurance company and the insurance company’s lawyers, and whether your case will have to go to trial. Most cases are settled in mediation which means less time you have to wait to get compensated.

What is my case worth?

No attorney can tell you what your case is worth during the initial conference. However, here are some helpful things to know regarding the worth of your case:

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