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Glenn Mee

Throughout his almost 40 years of experience as an attorney, Glenn Mee has defended over two thousand foreclosures and has filed over five hundred bankruptcy petitions.

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Glenn Mee graduated from the University of Miami Law School and has been a real estate attorney for the past 39 years.

Mr. Mee has served as an expert witness regarding attorneys fees in more than 100 foreclosures and represented lenders in more than 50 foreclosures.

In addition to his legal accomplishments, Mr. Mee has built a multi-state real estate investment group of companies operating under the umbrella of the Terra Mar Group. These companies aggressively pursue all aspects of distressed property involving Mortgage and Homeowners Association Foreclosure Sales, Tax Deed Sales, Sheriff’s Sales, IRS Sales, and Private Auctions.

Mr. Mee’s dual knowledge of both the legal and practical aspects of the multiple facets of the distressed market carryover into the law firm and make for a unique prospective for other similarly situated investors. Many of the unique strategies developed by Mr. Mee for use with regard to the company properties are applicable to our client base.

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